Train, Serve, Inspire

What can I expect?

You will spend two weeks in beautiful New Zealand, with a team of musicians from all over the world, learning, working, performing, serving and witnessing to hundreds of young people.

You will be working in a number of low-decile schools (schools in deprived areas) where children live in the poorest areas of the city. You will be forming intentional relationships with these children, giving them not only music tuition, but life skills, while providing meaning and purpose in their lives.

You will also be touring around other low-decile schools giving concerts and promoting your final concert where a powerful gospel message will be shared.

On top of working in these schools, you will also be working with a lowdecile kindergarten, the local youth prison and performing for a number of churches and youth groups.

Most evenings there will be fun social events that local young musicians from the academy are invited to attend. This will also provide a great opportunity to build relationships with these kids and share your faith.

As a New Zealand Music Mission Intern, you will undergo intensive training in leadership, music teaching, evangelism, music performance and public speaking. We guarantee that you will come away a whole new person, inspired to take your skills back to your hometown and to change the world around you.

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Camp dates

2015 Camp 1 8th November - 23rd November 2015

2016 Camp 1 20th March - 4th April

2016 Camp 2 12th June - 27th June


You may be glad to know that there are no grass huts on this mission trip!

All international interns will be staying at the beautiful Silverstream Retreat, located 20 minutes north of Wellington City.

You will have nice, warm and private accommodation where you will get a good night's sleep after a hard day's work.


Breakfast and dinner will be catered by our onsite chef, but you will need to buy your own lunch.

You will have a chance to visit a variety of food outlets with a range of prices. Regular trips to the supermarket will also be possible if you prefer to stash snacks in your room.


If you are accepted, the full fee for the two week camp is $1700.00 NZD, subject to prompt payment discount.

A $500.00 NZD deposit is required to confirm your place (this is not additional to your camp fees).

Payment plans are available if required.

You will need to buy your flights to Wellington, New Zealand.

You will likely want to purchase travel insurance and possibly luggage insurance.

If you are a guitarist you may be charged for extra baggage.

You may want to plan for extra accommodation before or after the camp.

What to bring

  • Clothes and Shoes (washing facilities will be available)
  • Exercising clothes / running shoes
  • Your Bible
  • Journal for note-taking
  • Camera
  • Laptop / iPad
  • Extra spending money for lunches, snack food, and other crazy things you want to do
  • If you're a guitarist you'll need to bring your guitar. All other musical equipment is provided.

Free time

We believe we have found the perfect balance for an action packed camp, with enough free time so that you do not get burnt out. You will have free time each day when you can choose to be alone, skype your family, or do whatever you choose.

We have free internet, plus a computer room set up for you to check emails, Skype your family, and update your Facebook status.


We will pick you up from the airport on the Sunday afternoon.

Because we will be busy running other camps, if you arrive early you will need to sort out your own accommodation until the Sunday when your camp starts. There are plenty of great safe and affordable options in Wellington. Just ask us!

On the Monday morning our team will take you back to the airport.


We're looking for musicians of all types!

We're also looking for 2-3 people to be in the production team, so if you're into sound, video, multimedia or photography then we'd love to hear from you too!

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